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Zap Entertainment, LLC was founded by Bob and Sue Durante in 1979. Bob and Sue themselves are well-known in the event entertainment circuit as performers specializing in entertaining kids and kids-at-heart. In fact, the two were collectively known as "The First Couple of Kids' Entertainers."

Bob and Sue met in high school. At that time, they already had interests that fit perfectly together. Back then, Bob was an amateur magician while Sue was into juggling.

Bob made his mark as "Zap the Wonder Chap." He highlighted educational themes such as "Reading is Magic" and "The Science of Toys" in his well-loved magic and comedy shows. In the 80s, Bob also worked as the resident corporate magician for New York Life Insurance Company.

For her part, Sue was dubbed as "The Bubble Lady" for her skill with bubbles. A Cleveland.com feature written by Chris M. Worrell revealed that the audience was in awe of Sue using everyday items to form bubbles of various shapes and sizes. For her grand act, she would create a bubble was simply so huge that a kid or two - or, perhaps, even more - could stand inside the bubble. Sue's show is aptly titled "The Wonderful World of Bubbles."

Today, Zap Entertainment has a wide range of performers in its roster of entertainers. 
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