School Events

Zap Entertainment offers shows for all occasions and features many performers. No show is too big or too small for our crew to handle. Our knowledgeable staff will help create a show that fits your theme and budget. Hit the Facebook Icon and visit Ohio School Assemblies. The best place for educators to find fun ideas for their classroom.

The Science of Bubbles

When you need something special

Bubbles are among the most fascinating things on the planet.  This show explains the science of creating and making bubbles. You will see bubbles that change shape, turn square, walk tight ropes and more. You students will be amazed to see a teacher inside of a giant soap bubble. This is a fast paced and entertaining assembly show that teaches science in a fun and new perspective.

A funny world of animals with some exciting stories about each of them
All about animals and insects featuring Jungle Bob a licensed
animal handler who shares funny stories about his animals. Bob’s bug show has been the hit of Garfield Hts. Bug Day for many years
and he highlights his animals at County Fairs and Festivals all summer long.
Bob has a very entertaining way of telling students all about the
world we share with all the creatures on earth.
Great Earth Day program or reading show. Bob is also the author
of Bob Tails a story about his animal adventures. Your school will
get a copy of this book for your school library.
Book now! This shows book quickly!
Learn math magic tricks you can do
Math = Magic is a wonderful show where young students will witness and learn how Math can be FUN! Your older students will learn Math Magic Tricks they can do.
Showing them how math is used every day outside of the
See the power of the Jedi Force, multiply numbers in your
head faster than your friends can with a calculator, predict
the future and be amazed at the fun you can have when
you become a Math Magician.
Let Zap astound your students with the world of numbers.
Learn about calendars, measurements, numbers hidden in cards and much more in this educational and entertaining show.
Zap presents 45 minutes of fun math magic that will let students see numbers in a whole new way!
A show filled with magic
Mr. Zap will challenge your students to Read 20 minutes a day.
Learn all about the magic that happens every time you open a book and start to read. This show takes your students on a wild and fun trip using their imagination.
You will laugh and giggle at our magical spelling bee, see a
treasure come out of a book about pirates, learn about caring for books and creating a home library.
Call now to resrve the date and time you need.
See physics in action!
A show where students learn all about the science that is hidden in every toy. They will be challenged to think like a scientist in this fun filled show. Blending whacky gadgets, toys from the past and toys from the future students will learn that no matter how simple the toy or how complicated there is science behind it.

This show blends juggling, balancing, magic and more to create a fast paced educational and fun assembly. Lots of audience participation and a great way to see science outside of the classroom!
Learn to ask why and
how things work!
This show takes students on a trip through history as they learn about toys from days of the caravan all the way to toys of today.

"Dear Dr. Zap, Thanks for coming to our school Sparks XX program. We really
liked your science show and all the toys.  You are as cool as our teachers." 

Fourth-grade class Hametter School