STEM programs

We feature several shows with a STEM theme. 

Math=Magic is a fun paced show using math as its foundation. Learn how math is present in everything we do from cooking to getting to the right location. Math and magic work hand and hand to educate while entertain in this fun filled show.

The Science of Magic is a program where we focus on how our eyes and minds fool us. See optical illusions that create a false image in your brain and more. This is a fun show where your imagination soars.

Science of Toys is a great show where you really see science in action. From the simplest of toys like a yo yo to a computer game every toy has math working behind the scene to make it work. Be amused and amazed at all the fun this show has to offer.

Magic Math workshop is a great show for age 9 and up.  First you wantch a shows that is designed around math and then go back stage and learn the secrets. You will see Math in action and have a blast as you delve into the world of Math Magic.

Magic Camp 101 is a visit into the world of Harry Potter as we take everyday objects and create magic with them. Watch a show then age 9 and up are taken back stage to learn the real secrets of the "art of illusion".  Learning magic with everyday objects and learning how technology and engineering are part of every magic effect.